Vending Machines

This Agency Pulled Off the Vending Machine Stunt to End All Vending Machine Stunts

Tricked-out vending machines have become the vehicle of choice for brands to push all sorts of zany promotions or

Why Are So Many People Attacking Vending Machines These Days?

Crime sprees of any kind can be hard to explain, but a recent cluster of attacks is bound to leave even the savviest criminologists puzzled: More Americans seem to be attacking vending machines—specifically, the ones that sell snack brands.

Tired of Not Having a Grocery Store, Village Engineer Invents a Vending Machine

The town of Clifton in central England hasn't had a grocery store for almost 15 years, so a local engineer invented a giant vending machine that dispenses milk, eggs, bread, toiletries, pet food and even umbrellas for the village.

Coke Creates Virtual Vending Machine That Only Appears for Couples

Coca-Cola loves smart, bossy vending machines. It loves them so much, it helped turn them into an entire marketing category.

For Free Chocolate, Strangers Must Hold Hands in Argentine Vending Stunt

Concerned that technology is keeping us all apart, Milka chocolate created a unique vending experience this summer that made Argentine strangers work together to score free sweets. Local agency David placed a cow statue across from a vending machine and challenged people to connect the two by holding hands in order to get free chocolate bars.

Stand Still for 3 Minutes and This Vending Machine Will Give You Free Beer

Sentient vending machines are all the rage right now. This Amstel spot out of Bulgaria adds the latest twist to the share-baiting trend—forcing antsy consumers to actually stand still in one place for three minutes if they want a free beer.

Coffee Brand Pours You a Free Cup When You Yawn at Its Vending Machine

Vending machines have been developing unique personalities for some time.

Hot Wheels Rolls Out Twitter-Enhanced Vending Machine

Walmart and Toys R Us shoppers may soon marvel at Twitter-enhanced vending machines for Hot Wheels after the car toy brand t

Another Tyrannical Vending Machine Barks Orders at People

It seems confirmed without a doubt: Humans enjoy being told what to do by vending machines.