For Free Chocolate, Strangers Must Hold Hands in Argentine Vending Stunt

Milka wants people to reconnect

Concerned that technology is keeping us all apart, Milka chocolate created a unique vending experience this summer that made Argentine strangers work together to score free sweets. Local agency David placed a cow statue across from a vending machine and challenged people to connect the two by holding hands in order to get free chocolate bars. Each time they cashed in, the cow moved farther away, requiring more people to hold hands until they spanned across the public square. The resulting video, with more than 1 million views, is another example of how one smart idea on a small scale can quickly go global. Considered alongside Milka's current "Dare to be tender" campaign in France, where missing squares of the chocolate can be paid forward to loved ones, it’s not all that shocking that a comfort food would latch onto the comforting notion of bringing people together. Of course, it's togetherness fueled by a good old-fashioned bribe.