This Surreal British Airline Commercial Takes You on a Wild Trip Indeed

Travel has become more accessible for Londoners, thanks to easyJet, whose latest "Why Not?" campaign by VCCP has a pretty basic premise: It's the story of the many adventures awaiting a woman whose flight is about to take off.  Strange little details give the ad unexpected vivacity. It opens with a molting man made of flowers running across the runway like Alice's White Rabbit. He's late, he's late! Suddenly our heroine is yanked right out of the plane and into the hangar, where tropes of a European vacation—open-air markets, street artists—are given the Gulliver's Travels treatment, transforming the exotic into the surreal. 

VCCP Acquires Muh-Tay-Zik Hof-fer to Form Creative Partnership

Over the years, agency holding companies have approached San Francisco-based agency Muh-Tay-Zik Hof-fer about partnerships, but its executives dismissed them every time. "We never gave it much thought. It wasn't something we needed or were looking for," said John Matejczyk, the agency's executive creative director.

A Giant Chocolate Hen Lays Sweet Easter Surprises in Supermarket’s Ad Campaign

Which came first, the 30-foot-tall chocolate chicken or the 200-pound candy egg? Both appear in VCCP's wacky Easter-themed campaign for Asda. Apparently believing Brits' teeth aren't bad enough already, the U.K. supermarket chain will be stocking 20 million (!!) chocolate eggs and assorted other treats for the upcoming holiday. To get the word out, client and agency hatched a plucky campaign anchored by the minute-long clip below:

Ad of the Day: Van Damme Sculpts a Mountaintop Ice Bar for Coors Light

Jean-Claude Van Damme is still ice cold, but also still not as frosty as a Coors Light, says the brewer. Chooses TBWA for Europe has hired TBWA as the travel search engine's first lead creative agency for the European market. The Omnicom Group shop will run the business out of its office in Amsterdam. Sources estimated annual media spending at $25 million.

Cat Acts Like a Dog, and So Should You, Says Mobile Company’s Ad

Sure, I've tried to cross a dog with a cat. Who hasn't? All I got for my trouble was a face full of claws and another year in therapy. Ad agency VCCP does a better job of it for U.K. mobile telecom O2 in this commercial, in which a ginger Tom starts chasing cars, fetching sticks and generally behaving like Rover.

Ad of the Day: Coors Light

There's no shortage of aging B-list movie stars who'll do a commercial for a few bucks these days. Think of Steven Seagal, well past his prime, in that "Sheep Impact" mini-film for Australian beer Carlton Dry. Usually the results are middling at best, but this new U.K.

Appliances find better work in job-site spots

Household appliances like toasters, vacuum cleaners and alarm clocks have career-advancement aspirations in this odd campaign by VCCP for U.K. site One of the vacuums speaks French and gets […]

Meerkats go massive in epic U.K. ad trilogy

In what surely must be the most sweeping and impressive talking-meerkat-driven creative endeavor of all time, VCCP in London and have pulled out all the stops for a trilogy […]

Juice spot resurrects long-extinct Dodo bird

In this animated U.K. advert from VCCP, crates of 5 Alive fruit drink wash ashore on the island of Mauritius, the only known home of the dodo, a species that […]