Cat Acts Like a Dog, and So Should You, Says Mobile Company’s Ad

Here's how it's done

Sure, I've tried to cross a dog with a cat. Who hasn't? All I got for my trouble was a face full of claws and another year in therapy. Ad agency VCCP does a better job of it for U.K. mobile telecom O2 in this commercial, in which a ginger Tom starts chasing cars, fetching sticks and generally behaving like Rover. I'm not sure why Queen's bellicose, bombastic theme from the campy 1980 version of Flash Gordon is used on the soundtrack. Maybe the song doesn't really suck, but only dogs have sharp enough hearing to tell? Anyway, Tabby's willingness to "Be more dog" (the spot's tagline) is supposed to inspire viewers to get out of their ruts and try new things, like products and services from O2. That stretches the leash a bit in terms of brand message. Even so, any pet that catches frisbees and can be trained to use a litter box is OK by me.

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