SiriusXM Created a Restaurant Called Dick’s Pizza Just to Make Tons and Tons of Penis Jokes

"Nothing livens up a party quite like a big serving of Dick's." At least that's the promise of Dick's Pizza, an unfortunately named and even more unfortunately fictional restaurant created by agency Taxi Toronto for internet radio service SiriusXM. It almost feels like the brief for this viral play was, "How many penile jokes can you make in one minute?" And the answer is "a great many," because the resulting ad is bulging with innuendo:

If You’re Not Targeting Unborn Babies With Your Advertising, You’ve Already Lost

If you're still obsessed with millennials, you've way behind the curve. Taxi Canada and BBDO Toronto both explain that you need to walk back to the very beginnings of life—newborns, fetuses, fertilized eggs, even sperm itself—to start building brand connections as early as possible, at least according to the parody videos below.

New York Life Launches a Creative Agency Review

Another insurance company is launching an agency search: New York Life is reviewing the creative business currently handled by Havas Worldwide, a client rep confirmed.

Here’s Who Gets What in Kraft’s Agency Consolidation

Kraft's reassignments post agency consolidation went beyond the brands that were exiting former shop like Wieden + Kennedy and Droga5.

This Agency Pulled Off the Vending Machine Stunt to End All Vending Machine Stunts

Tricked-out vending machines have become the vehicle of choice for brands to push all sorts of zany promotions or

There Are 4 Big Winners in Kraft’s Agency Consolidation

Some pretty good agencies are getting swept out in Kraft's move to consolidate creative responsibilities on its brands at four main roster shops.

Tim Hortons Surprised This Calgary Street by Taking Over a Residential Home Overnight

Usually when you wake up and something weird has happened at a neighbor's house, you call the police and get the kids in the basement. But not Tuesday morning on a street in Calgary. People there got together and had coffee—at the new Tim Hortons on the block. Overnight, the chain secretly turned a residential home at 303 Oakfern Way into a fully functional pop-up restaurant. It opened, much to the surprise of nearby residents, at 6 a.m. Tuesday and stayed open until noon, when it abruptly closed—but not before demonstrating that Tim Hortons isn't just neighborly, it can sometimes actually be your neighbor. The stunt, orchestrated by by Taxi Canada, was part of a recruiting campaign, as the chain is trying to fill more than 2,000 positions. "We are inviting people to join us today to have a coffee and talk about maybe an opportunity to work at a local Tim Hortons in the Calgary area," said a spokesman. This follows a different stunt last month in which the chain totally blacked out one of its locations in Quebec—for more quasi-nefarious reasons. Check out more pics below from the #TimsNextDoor hashtag.

Uber Hires Former Obama Adviser David Plouffe to Fight ‘Big Taxi’

Uber, a mobile app that gives consumers an alternative to taxis, has hired President Barack Obama's former senior adviser David Plouffe to help the company wage political and legal battles against street-hail taxis and traditional car services.

It’s Uber Vs. Lyft in the Battle of New Carpool Apps

Need a ride? Car service tech startups Lyft and Uber are launching eerily similar rideshare programs.

Taxi Lands Maxwell House After Wieden + Kennedy

Kraft has found a home for Maxwell House at another roster shop: Taxi in New York.