Promoted Trends

Burger King Pulled Pricey Twitter Ad When Robin Williams News Broke

When Robin Williams' sudden passing began circulating in social media early Monday evening, Burger King marketers quickly placed a call to Twitter headquarters to pull a 

Twitter’s Promoted Video Details Are Coming Into View

Twitter officially unveiled Promoted Video today as a beta product that could be a boon for its revenues when rolled out fully.

Facebook Lends Trending Hand to Brands

Facebook to marketers: Brands are trends, too. That’s the message from Facebook as it promotes its new trending topics feature to Madison Avenue.

Facebook Video Ads Could Bite Into Twitter’s Social TV Dominance

Facebook’s auto-play video ads will certainly attract marketing niches that are already invested in online video—from entertainment (movies, particularly) to automotive to consumer-packaged goods to retail.

Twitter Self-Serve Ads Expand to U.K., Ireland and Canada

Twitter has opened its self-service ads platform to small businesses in United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada today, six months after debuting the same offer domestically.

Twitter Promoted Trends Typically Cost Less in Latin America

Global brand marketers that want to zero in on what they can get out of Promoted Trends—which cost around $200,000 a day in the United States—might want to run a few tests in Latin America on the cheap.

Twitter’s Datalogix Deal Mirrors Facebook’s Bid for More CPG Dollars

Even though Twitter reps claim that consumer-packaged goods firms like Kraft and Unilever are already plenty active on their ads platform, a new agreement with Datalogix holds the promise that such noodle and soap sellers will have a better metrics-based premise to throw dollars at

How AT&T Is Owning March Madness on Twitter

Many brands—Capital One, Dove Men's Care, Nike and Buick, to name a few—were at the ready last weekend for March Madness, purchasing Promoted

Super Bowl Wednesday? 5 Brands Still Buying Twitter Ads

Super Bowl XLVII might be 60-some hours into the books, but brands are still pushing their big-game-based initiatives via Twitter ads today.

Associated Pushback on Twitter

The Associated Press this week is causing a stir by running ads for Samsung