Ad of the Day: This Very Sweet Holiday Ad Follows a Man on a Mission to Learn English

Allegro, the most popular online marketplace in Poland, gives us "English," a holiday story about an elderly Pole who orders a complete "English for Beginners" set through the auction service. 

The Fish at This Grocery Store Are So Fresh, They’re Still Rattling Around in Their Boxes

Nothing says fresh fish quite like the anguished death spasms they exhibit upon being caught, which Y&R Poland recently simulated in amusing fashion for a grocery-store prank. The agency, working with creative lab Jack the Maker and production company Raymond, created "The Live Fish Pack," which looks like a fish in a box—but behaves like a fresh catch by jumping around now and then. As a fun added touch, the boxes were connected by wifi to a proximity sensor, allowing them to sense when shoppers were approaching—and start shaking and jumping accordingly.

Convicted Murderers Learn to Save Lives With First Aid in Controversial Red Cross Campaign

"Is it easier to take a life, or to save one?" That's the question posed by ad agency Grey for the Polish Red Cross in "Life After Death," a poignant, polarizing campaign in which convicted murderers take first aid classes while serving time behind bars. 

Auschwitz Museum Made an App to Get Journalists to Stop Making One Critical Mistake

The very language used to describe historical Nazi concentration camps in German-occupied Poland is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a touchy subject. A few years back, even President Obama landed himself in hot water for misspeaking on the subject. But according to the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, journalists are among the worst offenders when it comes to using incorrect terms like "Polish death camp" and "Polish concentration camp" to describe Holocaust sites run by Nazis on Polish soil during World War II. To help writers and editors avoid such phrases—which might suggest official Polish complicity in the mass murder of Jews—the museum and agency FCB Warsaw created software that flags such errors in popular programs like Microsoft Office, TextEdit, Keynote, Outlook and Safari. Titled "Remember," the app is currently designed to find errors in 16 languages, with plans to further expand its scope.

This Clever Amnesty Campaign Imprisons Your Cursor Within a Banner Ad

Sometimes an ad idea just doesn't get the reach it deserves, and this is certainly one of those times. Polish agency The Digitals created a little-seen banner/pop-up ad last year that asked site visitors, "Do you want to dissolve the government?" Hovering over the response button would then lock the user's cursor into the ad, which displays the message, "In Belarus, you would go to prison for that." The ad then released the cursor and asked the viewer to sign a petition to similarly release human rights advocate Ales Bialiatski, who eventually walked free last summer. 

Ad of the Day: Agency Helps Ex-Cons by Turning Their Prison Tattoos Into Something Beautiful

Covering up bad prison tattoos for social rehabilitation isn't an obvious charity, but it's the primary function of the Freedom Tattoos project, a service provided by Poland's Pedagogium The College of Social Sciences and ad agency Isobar Poland.

Everyone in This Amazing Stock Photo Collection Is a Cancer Patient or Survivor

Nowhere is the world more carefree than inside stock photographs. The sense of normalcy they communicate is so pervasive, it's become cliché. Which is why it's such a stroke of genius that Isobar Poland is developing a stock-photo bank using only models who are cancer patients or survivors. Life for them, of course, has been anything but carefree. Thus, their involvement in the "Photos for Life" project is joyfully defiant on a few levels. It shows cancer isn't a death sentence—indeed, that patients and survivors are just as capable of the most stereotypical happiness possible. And it lifts the gloom from the disease and bathes it in ridiculously perfect lighting.

WWII Video Game Will Pause for 1 Minute Today to Remember the Warsaw Uprising

A video game set amid the resistance to Adolf Hitler's war machine and played globally 24/7 will pause for 60 seconds today to commemorate the 70th anniversary of World War II's Warsaw Uprising.

Man Proposes to Woman With Custom Horror-Movie Trailer at Theater

So, you really love your girlfriend, and you want to ask her to marry you. But the old ring-in-the-champagne-flute has been done to death. What to do?

Fake George Clooney Stars in Awesomely Bad Polish Ads Seeking Foreign Investors

George Clooney has proven more than willing to shoot ads over the years—particularly overseas, and particularly when the advertiser in question isn't completely embarrassing. He appears to draw the line, though, at lame spots encouraging foreign investment in Poland. So, the Poles had to go with a Clooney look-alike—an actor named Parviz Ghodsi, who plays Clooney in the three amusingly awful ads below. Ghodsi looks enough like Clooney to have had a short documentary made about him, though he looks enough unlike Clooney to simply add to the cheesiness of this campaign. The ads urge investment in Małopolska. If that's located in Eastern Poland, I'm in.