How NPR Increased Podcasting Ad Sales by 10 Times in 2 Years

NPR has the equivalent of a podcast testing lab that's now starting to reap huge financial dividends.

How Popular Podcasts ‘StartUp’ and ‘Lore’ Are Making the Unlikely Transition to TV

In a sentence that only makes sense in 2016, your favorite podcasts are becoming TV shows.

ESPN’s Long-Form Storytelling Could Turn Sports Podcasting on Its Head

It's the new golden age of audio. So it's not entirely surprising that there has been a wealth of new podcasts announced in recent weeks, especially last week during the

Why the Conversational Power of Podcasting Is the Future of Advertising

It's been fascinating for me to observe how marketers and content creators in the past few years have become obsessed with being a part of "conversations"—conversations between platforms and brands, between brands and consumers. I wonder,

Why Recent Grads Are Breaking Up With Blogs in Favor of Podcasts

Bobby Hobert recently graduated from a small business school outside of Boston. Like many college students before him, his post-graduate plans were a little murky."Everyone was talking about what they were doing next," he says. "At 22, I still haven't necessarily found what it is I want to do with my life."

Quiz: Which Podcast Host Is Your Soul Mate?

Favorite authors? Favorite musicians? No, if you truly want to know how your tastes align with someone else's, compare your favorite podcasters.Podcast loyalty is a powerful thing. Over time, you go from being a listener to being an advocate to being an addict, waiting for the next episode like a lovestruck teen staring at the phone in hopes of a new message. 

Forbes Expands Its Audio Reach by Bringing 4 Shows to PodcastOne

After testing its Women@Forbes podcast series on its own properties for the past few months, Forbes has decided to ramp up its efforts in the space. The business publication is announcing today a deal to join PodcastOne, which was launched three years ago by radio industry veteran and Westwood One founder

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Podcasting, Once a Niche Labor of Love, Now Can Open Doors in TV and More

When Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd was looking around for a new project to bring to television, she didn't settle on a hot book—comic or otherwise. Instead, it was a year-old podcast called Lore, created—and produced on the cheap—by Aaron Mahnke.

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