Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Is Revamping Its Brand Identity by Embracing Its Activist Past

For years, Kenneth Cole has used his fashion brand's advertising to raise awareness of various social causes—in the early years, it was AIDS awareness and 

Sonic’s 3-D Slushes Named the Year’s Best Billboard Campaign at 2015 Obies

Adams Outdoor Advertising took home the Best Billboard Campaign award for its "Big Slushes" ads for Sonic Drive-In at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America's Obie Awards on Tuesday night. The campaign turned billboards in the Charleston, S.C., area into giant slushes complete with 3-D straws. 

Who’s That Normal Guy on the Cover of Men’s Health?

For the first time in its 25-year history, Men’s Health is putting a regular guy on its cover. November’s cover boy won’t be an actor, athlete or model, but he will be the winner of the magazine’s “Ultimate Men’s Health Guy” competition.

5 Epic Branded Twitter #Fails of 2013

While the potential benefits of real-time marketing have been documented, the tactic's perils helped keep the ad industry entertained during 2013. Well, the brands that got caught in Twitter's crosshairs were certainly not amused.

Kenneth Cole Clarifies: Being a Jerk on Twitter Is Just Good Business

Whatever he was wearing yesterday—boots, loafers, sandals, pumps—Kenneth Cole appeared to really step in it when he tweeted out an awkward reference to the Syrian crisis as a way of promoting his footwear. It wasn't the first embarrassing tweet for the pun-loving would-be copywriter.

Kenneth Cole Makes a Syria Joke, Because the Egypt One Went Over So Well

"Boots on the ground" or not, let's not forget about sandals, pumps and loafers. #Footwear

Kenneth Cole Pulls NYC Billboard Critical of Teachers

Some say Kenneth Cole will never learn. I'm more of the opinion that he has absorbed some lessons—like how to court controversy and coverage while (mostly) avoiding real carnage—all too well.

Yes, this is Kenneth Cole’s day in a nutshell

Ken definitely needs a stiff drink and a long soak in the tub. You would not want to be walking in his shoes today. UPDATE Brian Morrissey adds: Cole is […]

Egyptians actually want Kenneth Cole shoes

Finally. The philosopher/shoe salesman Kenneth Cole has weighed in on the Egypt uprising. The Great Man finds an angle nobody else thought of when he cheekily interprets the Cairo "uproar" […]

Kenneth Cole board salutes flight 1549 crew

Kenneth Cole, aka the Worst Copywriter in the History of Advertising, just put up this billboard on the West Side Highway in New York, lauding the pilots and crew of […]