Jean Claude van Damme

Ad of the Day: Van Damme Sculpts a Mountaintop Ice Bar for Coors Light

Jean-Claude Van Damme is still ice cold, but also still not as frosty as a Coors Light, says the brewer.

Undivided Attention: How ‘Epic Split’ Became the Buzziest Ad at Cannes

It should, by all rights, be the one of the worst ads you've ever seen: A Hollywood has-been straddles two 18-wheelers at sunset while a nearly forgotten new-age song somberly drones along in the background.

Chuck Norris Does His Own Epic Split in This Festively Insane Holiday Video

How do you one-up Jean-Claude Van Damme doing splits atop two Volvo trucks? With Chuck Norris doing splits on two airplane wings, of course.

Kmart’s Boxer-Baring Hunks Take Off on YouTube

A few weeks ago, Kmart unveiled a rather racy spot for its Joe Boxer brand. And last week, the Show Your Joe clip, featuring six no-pants wearing studs shaking their money-makers to delightful holiday music, saw its views on YouTube jump 100 percent to 12.7 million.

Channing Tatum Channels Van Damme to Promote Jump Street

Response videos are huge on YouTube.

There Is Nowhere To Run From Van Damme on YouTube

"What you see is a body crafted to perfection."

Rob Ford Flawlessly Replaces Van Damme in ‘Epic Split’ Parody

Sometimes, the best parodies are the most subtle. Case in point: This truly impressive face dub of disgraced Toronto Mayor Rob Ford onto the body of Jean-Claude Van Damme in his "Epic Split" ad for Volvo Trucks. There's really nothing to it beyond the face switch, but the effect is so perfectly executed by New York-based visual effects shop Artjail, it's plenty satisfying. "We were completely in awe of the Volvo-Van Damme 'Epic Split' spot," Artjail writes in its YouTube summary, "and remain completely in awe of Mayor Ford's epic lifestyle north of the border." Check out Artjail's demo reel after the jump and see some images of how it was done over on Fstoppers. Hat tip to Evan Travers for sending me this one.

You Really Need to Watch Van Damme Do the Splits Between Two Volvo Trucks

How do you do create an interesting demonstration of the "stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering"? With the help of Jean-Claude Van Damme and his impossibly flexible legs.

Van Damme’s Virile Freshness Attracts Men and Women Alike

Just a few weeks after we featured Jean-Claude Van Damme's strange ice-crotch ad for Coors Light, he's back again, this time shilling laundry detergent in his homeland of Belgium. He looks quite a bit less haggard in this one, but that might just be the result of cropping off the mullet.

Ad of the Day: Coors Light

There's no shortage of aging B-list movie stars who'll do a commercial for a few bucks these days. Think of Steven Seagal, well past his prime, in that "Sheep Impact" mini-film for Australian beer Carlton Dry. Usually the results are middling at best, but this new U.K.