You Really Need to Watch Van Damme Do the Splits Between Two Volvo Trucks

To the sounds of Enya

How do you do create an interesting demonstration of the "stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering"? With the help of Jean-Claude Van Damme and his impossibly flexible legs.

The new video below from Volvo Trucks starts off zoomed in on Van Damme's face, looking calm and collected. As it zooms out you see that he's actually standing with each foot on the side-view mirror of two Volvo Trucks

The trucks, driving in reverse, begin slowly drifting apart, allowing Van Damme to perform one of his signature splits.

With Enya crooning "Only Time" and  the sun setting serenely in the background, Van Damme is looking surprisingly chill for a guy who is potentially facing a shattered pelvis and an insane amount of ice packs should a squirrel find his way into the middle of the road.

His badassery is rivaled only by the ballerina in an earlier Volvo Trucks ad. She slacklines between two speeding trucks and needs to get from one side to the other before a tunnel kills her. (Spoiler alert: she makes it.) It also follows their Running of the Bulls ad and Our President Has Totally Lost His Mind spot.

Despite my body tensing up the entire time watching these ads, I think they're pretty cool and effective, and I like Van Damme in this role way better than the cheesy GoDaddy commercials.

Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.