Van Damme’s Virile Freshness Attracts Men and Women Alike

Just a few weeks after we featured Jean-Claude Van Damme's strange ice-crotch ad for Coors Light, he's back again, this time shilling laundry detergent in his homeland of Belgium. He looks quite a bit less haggard in this one, but that might just be the result of cropping off the mullet. According to a translation from our Parisian ad-blogging cousin Angela Natividad, the woman in the ad begins by saying she can't resist Van Damme's muscles and virile odor, but then discovers he actually smells like "freshness." That's when the wiry fellow jumps in for a product pitch. When she says that she doesn't mind a little softness, the guy says: "Me neither. That's why it's me who does his laundry now!" With two decent ad gigs in a month, a proven new ability not to take himself too seriously, plus a reported five movies en route per IMDB, does this officially constitute a comeback for JCVD?