Jane Pratt

Jane Pratt Shares Her Thoughts on the Future of xoJane at Time Inc.

In recent months, Time Inc. has been scooping up digital brands in an effort to reach a millennial audience, including Zooey Deschanel's Hello Giggles and sports blog network FanSided.

Time Inc. Confirms Its Purchase of Jane Pratt’s xoJane and xoVain

Time Inc. has acquired Jane Pratt's xoJane and xoVain websites in a bid to build up its portfolio of brands that target millennials. Adweek first reported that the acquisition was imminent on Oct. 16.  

Time Inc. Is in Talks to Buy Jane Pratt’s Millennial-Focused xoJane

Time Inc. is close to acquiring Jane Pratt's xoJane and xoVain sites for an undisclosed sum as it looks to increase its content targeting millennial women, sources tell Adweek.

XoJane Moves to TypePad Creators’ Newest Platform: Will Traffic Follow?

Four years and $50 million later, SAY Media believes its internally developed content management system (CMS) Tempest is ready for prime time. The company migrated its largest site, xoJane, to the platform earlier this month. And now it's offering the platform for free to partner publications.

Jane Pratt Launches Beauty Site xoVain

This morning, at the Waterworks showroom in New York’s Flatiron district, Jane Pratt presided over the launch party for her new beauty site, xoVain, wearing a bathrobe.

Jane Pratt Tells All in Glamour

Jane Pratt, the founding editor of Sassy and Jane, isn’t known for holding back.

Fast Chat: Jane Pratt

What is this Digitas “Modern Family” panel you’re moderating today all about? I don’t know. I’m going to figure it out at midnight the night before. Basically I want to open up the discussion to successful content creators. I want to explore the fact that, because there are so many screens going on all the time, families these days are often in the room together and communicating, but not with each other. Or they’re communicating with each other through their screens. It’s a modern dynamic that I want to explore with this panel. How is that playing out in your own home? Oh my lord. It’s out of control. I hope to learn from the panelists tomorrow who have been dealing with this longer than I have. What are some good boundaries around that? I’ll give you some examples of how out of control it is in my own household: my 8-year-old daughter, the day the site [xojane.com] went live, she figured out how to post to the site from my phone. She took my phone from me. Did a blog post. Went on to chartbeat to see if the traffic went up. I feel like it’s today and it’s the future and it could be her career, so I let her run with it. It does sound like there’s a hint of concern in your voice. That was smart on her part and cool that she could do it. But on the other hand I think there are too many times where she and I are both in the same room, both on our laptops. If she’s doing something on her laptop, going on to one of the sites she likes, I get to get a little work done on my laptop. I think I need to set some more boundaries with this. My little hacker.

Six Questions: Jane Pratt

Six Questions for Jane Pratt

First Mover: Jane Pratt

Adweek: So, are you still sassy? Jane Pratt: I don’t think that ever really goes away. Though my grandma, who is 104, keeps hoping I will get past it. AW: How would you describe your new website, xoJane.com?