This Week’s Must-Haves: a Kate Spade Clutch That’s Chic and Smart

This week, Adweek is highlighting style and smart technology for travelers on the move and hobbyists happy to stay at home and play. Take a look:

Despite Promises to Advertisers, Microsoft Disbands Xbox TV Studio

Microsoft's digital TV strategy is toast, with its Los Angeles studio closing during this massive round of layoffs.

Microsoft Tells Advertisers It’s Committed to Content With Xbox Shows

Microsoft’s Xbox studio arm is getting ready to churn out shows. The company rolled out a lineup of new entertainment projects at today’s NewFronts presentation to pitch the ad world on the offerings.“Our commitment to advertising is clear,” said Stephen Kim, vp for global agencies and accounts.

Did Machinima Just Get Shafted?

Microsoft announced last week that it plans to collaborate with Steven Spielberg on an original, live-action series based on the massively popular game Halo.

Machinima Preps for Season 2 of Mortal Kombat

There’s no such thing as appointment TV, or a "must buy" in the digital video world—yet.

American Express, Xbox Sync Up to Change Up Console Advertising

Marketing on gaming consoles can be as hard as completing the “Mile High Club” campaign in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Halo 4 Trailer Produced by David Fincher Tells Master Chief’s Origin Story

Live-action advertising has become as much a part of the Halo franchise as gun-wielding aliens and multiplayer maps. The new trailer for Halo 4, directed by Tim Miller of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and produced by David Fincher, continues the tradition, though it's a bit of a letdown after so many years of top-tier storytelling in ads and Web promos for the series. The new trailer, "Scanned," continues the supersoldier backstory approach we saw in "Birth of a Spartan" for 2010's Halo: Reach. This time, we actually see the origin of the game's hero, Master Chief (aka John-117), who is forced to relive his Wolverine-esque transformation from sandcastle-building scamp to galaxy-saving übermensch. It's definitely above average for a game trailer, and there's surely more advertising to come, but it still lacks some of the narrative punch we saw in the incredible work twofifteenmccann (formerly T.A.G.) created for Halo 3. After the jump, check out the live-action Halo 4 teaser from June, as well as the some of the Halo: Reach spots.

Halo 4 Trailer Ushers In New Era for Game With a Proud History

Microsoft continues its tradition of exceptional live-action trailers for its blockbuster Halo game series with a new promo that just premiered at E3 for the upcoming Halo 4. The title, due out Nov.

Ad of the Day: Microsoft Halo

In a new campaign from Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Microsoft follows the latest celebrity who's headed off to college this fall. But he's not a tween singer or a movie star. In fact, he's not even human.

‘Halo’ fallen-heroes light sculpture complete

Before the launch of Halo: Reach, we mentioned that the game's marketing included a "virtual monument" created by fans worldwide. Well, now the 3-D light sculpture is complete, and you […]