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Virtual Reality Is Turning Getty Images Into a 21st Century Brand


The Fat Lady Picks Up the Mic and Sings, as Agency Post-it Wars Reach a Weekend Truce

You thought Havas Worldwide's giant mic drop was the end of the agency #postitwars down on Canal Street in New York. But Getty Images and New York magazine picked up the mic and had the fat lady sing on the (probably not) final installation of #canalnotes.

Ad of the Day: Getty Images Brilliantly Made 4 Famous Faces Entirely Out of Stock Art

Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO does consistently brilliant campaigns for Getty Images, from 2012's "From Love to Bingo," which used 873 stills from the Getty archive to tell the story of a single life in one minute, to last year's 

Getty Images Made 15-Second Versions of All #BestPictures Hopefuls With Stock Photos

Two hours, or even 90 minutes, is way to long for a movie—even one nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Frankly, we can only concentrate in 15-second bursts. Nothing too deep, please. We're Americans!Well, Getty Images' #BestPictures campaign from J. Walter Thompson's Mirum fits the bill, distilling the eight movies competing for this year's Best Picture into 15-second bites.

These 3 Instagrammers Just Got $10K Each From Getty Images for Their Incredible Work

Getty Images just handed out its inaugural Getty Images Instagram Grants, awarding three photographers $10,000 each for their incredible work documenting stories from underrepresented communities around the world using Instagram.

Masculinity Gets a Modern Makeover in Getty Images’ Newest Stock Art Collection

Stock photography is everywhere, and a lot of it reinforces traditional gender roles.

How to Make Your TV Commercials Look Epic, Even on Zero Budget

How can marketers with modest budgets—local home renovators and heating-system installers, for example—create "epic" advertising without going broke? Brazilian agency AlmapBBDO suggests tapping into the royalty-free video and image library of iStock by Getty Images. And it offers three amusing and effective spots to illustrate its point.

4 Famous Faces Get 20 Years Older in Getty Images’ 20th Anniversary Ads

AlmapBBDO celebrates Getty Images' 20th birthday with this fun campaign that looks at how four famous people—Scarlett Johansson, Prince William, Serena Williams and Bill Clinton—have changed in appearance, using Getty photos of them over those 20 years.

Getty Images Talks Vince Vaughn, and How Stock Photos Have Gotten Better by Getting Worse

Vince Vaughn's fake stock photos for the movie Unfinished Business were hilarious because they were so cheesy. But they were Photoshopped from real stock photos—showing just how clichéd a lot of stock business imagery has been.But it's evolving, says Getty Images, which did the Vaughn campaign with New Regency 20th Century Fox. And it's taking its cues more than ever from social media, as the visual language of photography evolves thanks to apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest.AdFreak chatted with Rebecca Swift, director of creative planning at iStock by Getty Images, about the Vince Vaughn photos and why "perfection" is no longer everything when it comes to business images.

How Ads That Empower Women Are Boosting Sales and Bettering the Industry

They have become some of the most popular and polarizing ads in recent years. And despite the negative commentary, despite the trolling, despite all the anonymous sneering, advocates say these ads are working.