The Fat Lady Picks Up the Mic and Sings, as Agency Post-it Wars Reach a Weekend Truce

#canalnotes charity event is also in the works

You thought Havas Worldwide's giant mic drop was the end of the agency #postitwars down on Canal Street in New York. But Getty Images and New York magazine picked up the mic and had the fat lady sing on the (probably not) final installation of #canalnotes.

As you can see from the photo above, Biolumina and Harrison and Star also called a truce in time for Memorial Day weekend.

We've been waiting for a welcome charity tie-in for #canalnotes, and this building's occupants are proceeding with one—with Biolumina initiating a fundraising event for VA NY Harbor Healthcare System hospital to be held next week. Thank-you messages to veterans will be written on recycled Post-its and turned into a collage to be hung in the hospital lobby. 

You can also donate online here.