Getty Images Made 15-Second Versions of All #BestPictures Hopefuls With Stock Photos

Catch up quickly on the ones you missed

Two hours, or even 90 minutes, is way to long for a movie—even one nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Frankly, we can only concentrate in 15-second bursts. Nothing too deep, please. We're Americans!

Well, Getty Images' #BestPictures campaign from J. Walter Thompson's Mirum fits the bill, distilling the eight movies competing for this year's Best Picture into 15-second bites.

So, you get the general idea and flavor of each film—The Revenant, Room, Brooklyn, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, Spotlight, The Big Short and Bridge of Spies—without being sidetracked by tricky stuff like plots and themes.

What's more, you won't even be distracted by the stars of this year's nominated films, or by any actual footage that appeared in them whatsoever. That's because the clips were created using images from Getty's vast visual archive.

Oscar-nominated films interpreted through stock footage! Who wouldn't love that?

Here's the clip for The Revenant:

Cool. Seems to be all about nature. Having Leo in there would've just spoiled it.

Hey, is Getty's 15-second interpretation of The Martian out of this world?

Since that's not footage from the real movie, those could've been pictures of Venus. Or Fresno. We'll never know.

And check out Getty's take on Spotlight, so much more palatable here without all those annoying Baa-ston accents:

All kidding aside, it's a fun way to get into the spirit of the Oscars and remind folks that providing #BestPictures across a wide spectrum of needs and interests is what Getty's all about.

Check out the rest of the flicks below. What, you've got something better to do for the next 75 seconds?


Bridge of Spies:

Mad Max: Fury Road:


The Big Short:


Agency: Mirum

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