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Why Sporting Events Have Become the Best Venues to Impress Clients

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Phoenix Marketing Combines Traditional Ads With Digital Data

Phoenix Marketing International, a 14-year-old market research firm, is launching a platform that it believes puts traditional advertising data at the fingertips of brands in the same way they have become accustomed to for digital campaigns.

Fortune 500 Issue Boasts Record Ad Paging

The economy may still be in recovery, but the indicators are good for Fortune magazine: this year's Fortune 500 has the most ad pages of any Fortune issue since 2004. With 193 ads (and a total 356 pages), the magazine's biggest franchise is up 36 year-over-year in ad pages, including 75 advertisers who didn’t appear in last year’s issue. 

Fortune 500 Expands Franchise to Full Day of Events

This year, Fortune has been throwing its weight behind editorial franchises. So it only makes sense that the magazine’s biggest franchise—the annual Fortune 500 list—will be rolling out with more fanfare than ever before.

The 10 Most-Viral Fortune 500 Brands of 2011

You can slice and dice online video-viewing data in about a billion different ways. Here's another interesting one—the 10 brands from the Fortune 500 that had the most online video views in 2011, courtesy of Visible Measures. Two of the companies, GE and Ford, are in the top 10 of the Fortune 500 itself—the epitome of sheer size and viral marketing reach combined. Google, which is No. 92 on the Fortune 500, tops this list—largely thanks to its celebrity-studded Chrome campaign, featuring Lady Gaga among others. The player hitting the most above its weight here is Corning, which is No. 350 on the Fortune 500 but had the 10th-most online video views this year, almost all of them for its famed "A Day Made of Glass" video—a real one-hit wonder. (A methodology note from Visible Measures: "The views refer to what we call the True Reach of a brand. We track the original videos that the brands and agencies upload for campaigns as well as copies and derivative content that audiences post across the Web.") See all 10 after the jump.

‘Fortune’ Expands Editorial Franchise

Fortune magazine plans to double down on editorial franchises in 2012 as it tries to build on the popularity of its Fortune 500 list to appeal to readers and advertisers.