Food and drink

Waiting in Line Goes From Boring to Brutal in Free-Sample Stunt

How far are people willing to go, physically and emotionally, to get a free sample? Australian agency Clemenger BBDO continues its quest to find out by making consumers work hard (and sometimes look a bit foolish) for free Fantastic Delites rice snacks.

This Rather Sexual Bakery Ad Shows How to Cook Up a Morning Quickie

In case Kraft's Zesty Guy left you with any doubt that the world's most boring food items can be eroticized, I present you this ad about having sex on a kitchen counter with an English muffin.

Pop-Up Restaurant Lets You Pay With an Instagram

This week, a pop-up restaurant in London made paying a snap, literally, by allowing customers to settle their bills with Instagram shots of their meals.

Pom Wonderful Wrote This Inspired Letter to John Oliver After He Called It ‘Dog Juice’

John Oliver clearly wasn't out to make marketing friends when his show Last Week Tonight debuted on HBO last month.

Make Her Prom Truly Magical With a KFC Chicken Corsage

Here we are in prom season again, and there's a delicious scent in the air. But this time it's not fragrant flowers. It's fried chicken. 

There’s a Tiny, Adorable, Rather Messy Kitchen in Each Bottle of This Japanese Drink

If you want a drink that tastes like an entire kitchen, Japanese beverage marketer Kirin might suggest its Salt and Fruit soda. A new spot from the brand features a tiny, adorable kitchen (a 1/48 scale model, to be precise) inside a plastic bottle.

Better Than the Real Thing? These Diet Coke Ads Are Absolutely About Drugs

Sadly, these Diet Coke ads from Animal New York aren't the real thing, but they are pretty amusing spoofs of Droga5's new campaign, which is being interpreted by some as one big cocaine reference.  Created to mimic the look and feel of current posters with the new tagline "You're On," these parodies mock the campaign's brief aspirational vignettes, which include lines like: "You moved to New York with the clothes on your back, the cash in your pocket and your eyes on the prize. You're On. (Diet Coke)" In Animal New York's version, we get coked-out internal monologues, like: "You haven't been able to sleep, eat or orgasm in three days, but good luck on that client meeting." You can check out the rest of the parody ads below.  With so many snorting at the soda's new campaign, I wonder how much longer the brand will decide to ride this long strange trip before it fizzles out.

Coke Drops Gay Wedding From Irish Version of Heartwarming New Ad

Coca-Cola took a bold step when it included a gay marriage in the anthem spot for its new global campaign, but now gay-rights advocates say the brand is already backing down on its support by editing the scene out of an Irish version of the ad.

Terrell Owens Revisits His Days Being Despised by Philly Fans in Carl’s Jr. Ad

Terrell Owens may carry a lifelong albatross from his two ill-fated seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles, but at least he can laugh about it.

These Beer Ads Aren’t Afraid to Celebrate the Stupid Fun Fueled by Beer

When guys get together and have a few drinks, things tend to get a little stupid. That's a fact most alcohol marketers would prefer not to highlight, lest advocating stupid fun might come off sounding like promoting activities that are dangerously stupid.