Better Than the Real Thing? These Diet Coke Ads Are Absolutely About Drugs

Timely parodies of Droga5's work

Sadly, these Diet Coke ads from Animal New York aren't the real thing, but they are pretty amusing spoofs of Droga5's new campaign, which is being interpreted by some as one big cocaine reference

Created to mimic the look and feel of current posters with the new tagline "You're On," these parodies mock the campaign's brief aspirational vignettes, which include lines like: "You moved to New York with the clothes on your back, the cash in your pocket and your eyes on the prize. You're On. (Diet Coke)"

In Animal New York's version, we get coked-out internal monologues, like: "You haven't been able to sleep, eat or orgasm in three days, but good luck on that client meeting." You can check out the rest of the parody ads below. 

With so many snorting at the soda's new campaign, I wonder how much longer the brand will decide to ride this long strange trip before it fizzles out.