This Rather Sexual Bakery Ad Shows How to Cook Up a Morning Quickie

Canadian kitchen erotica has over 1 million views

In case Kraft's Zesty Guy left you with any doubt that the world's most boring food items can be eroticized, I present you this ad about having sex on a kitchen counter with an English muffin.

Already a viral hit in its home nation of Canada, "2-Minute Morning Quickie" from Dempster's bakery is an entertainingly innuendo-filled romp about, essentially, how to make a homemade Egg McMuffin. 

"It doesn't matter if you're going solo or as a couple, you can enjoy a morning quickie just about anywhere," the prim but provocative hostess explains. "I like the kitchen for the ample counter space and easy cleanup."

The ad from Toronto-based agency Cundari has tallied more than a million views, and a similar spot from earlier in the year has amassed an equally impressive 750,000 views. Check out both spots below, and then have fun imagining how awkward both ads would be if the genders were reversed. 

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