E*Trade Named Exclusive Sponsor of ESPN’s ‘Did You Know?’ Franchise

As data continues creeping into the sports world—more general managers these days have Harvard MBAs instead of experience on the playing field—making decisions based on stats is becoming commonplace.

How 6 Powerful Women in Media and Marketing Redefined the Rules of Leadership

Women are having a moment.Ignited by Sheryl Sandberg's manifesto, Lean In, the issue of gender equality became part of the national discourse.

Here’s the Last E*Trade Baby Commercial You’ll Ever See

After six years of infancy, the E*Trade baby is finally moving on with his life.

Online Trading Company Ads Have Gotten a Lot More Serious

Truck drivers buying islands with online trading fortunes, courtesy of Discover Brokerage Direct. Stuart, the office goofball, teaches his boss how to trade stocks on TD Ameritrade. And who can forget the E*Trade Super Bowl monkey shuffling through the cucaracha in a garage?

Super Bowl Teams’ Fans Pick Favorite Brands

Social media data around the Super Bowl is becoming part of the big game fun—especially in the marketing world. So with that in mind, what can the brands "liked" on Facebook tell you about the fans of the 49ers and Ravens?

Grey’s Anatomy

What should the E*Trade talking baby do next?Give financial advice to celebrities?Make pithy points about trading while reading articles in the Los Angeles Times?

Ross Levinsohn May Be Just the CEO Madison Ave.’s Been Waiting For

Score one for Team Media at Yahoo, which finally seems to have won the ad world's blessing with the interim appointment of Ross Levinsohn as CEO.