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Facebook and Other Digital Ad Sellers Saw Double-Digit Gains on Black Friday and Thanksgiving

Digital advertisers spent 17.9 percent more on Black Friday and 13.8 percent more on Thanksgiving compared to last year, according to AdRoll's data. Its findings are based on cross-client numbers from 25,000 customers that have purchased products on hundreds of ad exchanges.

BP’s New Gas Pump Engages Customers With Music, a Photo Booth and Trivia

At a few BP locations starting today, people may actually enjoy filling up their tanks rather than simply tapping their toes in boredom. The petroleum retailer is rolling out an interactive gas pump called Miles, which offers voice instructions for activities such as listening to tunes, social media sharing, video ecards

5 Trends That Are Radically Reshaping Shopper Marketing

Malls are lumbering, claustrophobic dinosaurs, while anchor stores like Macy's and Kohl's are shuttering hundreds of locations. Fresh Direct and Peapod make it easier and quicker to stock a cupboard than wading through the jam-packed neighborhood Kroger, and Amazon and eBay and Overstock sell, well, everything.Who needs retail anymore?

How Facebook (not YouTube) Is Helping Chubbies Make Videos About Men’s Shorts Go Viral

For some men, the mere idea of wearing shorts is cringeworthy. But e-commerce site Chubbies thinks it's found its niche among millennial guys online.

This Innovation Lab Is Designing the Mall of the Future

For the past two years, Westfield Group—which owns and operates 40 shopping centers around the world—has run a testing lab inside the Westfield San Francisco Centre for high-tech experiments looking at how digital and brick-

Each Model for Betabrand’s New Spring Collection Has a Ph.D.

Betabrand, an online retailer of crowdsourced clothing, just launched its spring line, and the company decided to take a different approach to marketing the new looks: Each of the models would have a Ph.D."When you look beyond the ranks of the professionally beautiful, photography becomes a lot more fun," Betabrand founder Chris Lindland said in a statement. "Our designers cooked up a collection of smart fashions for spring, so why not display them on the bodies of women with really big brains?" So they did just that. The new collection features women (yes, thin and attractive women, which some critics are sure to point out) with a Ph.D. or who are working toward a Ph.D. The retailer's spring gallery refers to them as "our ravishing roster of Ph.Ds and doctoral candidates." You can check out the full gallery here.Lindland tells AdFreak that the brand's models are almost always his team's friends, relatives and colleagues. This year, he asked a Stanford neuropsychology graduate student if any of her friends would be interested in modeling. "The next thought, naturally, was to have only Ph.Ds and doctoral candidates model our spring collection," he says. "So we wrote our customers and Facebook followers, searching for Ph.Ds. Sixty women from around the world applied."Some of the photos were shot at Betabrand's headquarters, while some models were shipped prototypes to wear in photos shot at their location.  I asked Lindland what the response on social media has been from Betabrand's followers and customers. "Great so far. Plenty of tweets. Plenty of sales. Doctors, lawyers and MBAs have written in demanding a fashion focus of their own," Lindland said.UPDATE: Some commenters have complained the campaign only features white models. While we can't vouch for the ethnicity of all the women involved, we've added a photo of the campaign's one African-American model, Asha, to the examples below.

Grocery Chain Will Pitch Store Patrons With Amazon-Like Recommendations

Land, a Russian high-end supermarket chain, has implemented interactive kiosks that will create recommendation-styled grocery lists for customers who use the brand's loyalty cards. Indeed, the Amazonization of physical shops marches on.