Apple Takes Shots at Microsoft With iPad Air, Software

Apple lobbed a barrage of Air to surface missiles in Microsoft’s direction today.

Did Google CEO Larry Page Just Handle His Last Wall Street Call?

Google CEO Larry Page signaled to Wall Street today that he no longer wants to handle routine quarterly calls.

Responsive Websites Are Great for Users, but How Are the Ad Dollars Being Affected?

Since so many consumers hop from smartphone to desktop to tablet and back again multiple times a day, Web publishers have rushed to embrace responsive design: a technology that automatically resizes content to fit any screen.

Facebook, Foursquare Update Pages to Improve Local Search

Google and Yelp may currently dominate local search, but Facebook and Foursquare announced changes to their mobile and d

Instagram Rolls Out Web Feeds for Desktop, Tablet Users

Three months after making its users’ profiles available to view online, Facebook-owned photo-sharing service Instagram has rolled out an online version of its feeds.

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When it comes to gamers and their gadgets, it’s hard to overestimate the time and money that will be spent. According to an Ipsos OTX study, 67 percent of gamers own an Xbox 360, nearly half play games on mobile phones, and another one-fourth do so on tablets. Gamers spend five hours a week playing (almost half the leisure time they spend online).