Heinz Is Skipping the Super Bowl, but Has This Idea for the Monday After

Sorry, "Weiner Stampede" fans. Heinz Ketchup, makers of last year's much-loved, dachshund-filled Super Bowl commercial, is sitting out this year's game.

Global Agency of the Year: In Turbulent Times, Ogilvy Seamlessly Ushers in a New Era

When it comes to leadership changes, 2016 will be remembered as a time of disruption. While most will recall it as the year of Brexit and Trump, the ad business saw its own turbulent times, with no less than five top executives at major agencies being fired or resigning abruptly amid scandals.

Coca-Cola Debuts Its Magical New Packaging With Some Actual Magic

Coca-Cola's grown tired of happiness, and is moving on to magic. As one does.In "Taste the Magic," a new spot by agency David, a waiter approaches a table that's ordered an unusual amount of Coca-Colas. (Really, nobody wanted anything else?) A woman tells him she didn't order a regular Coke. No problem! Before her eyes, he transforms it into a Coca-Cola Zero. It turns out this is no ordinary waiter. This is Justin Flom, a resident Las Vegas magician and social media star. 

London Offices of Ogilvy and FCB Inferno Win Grand Prix in Lions Health at Cannes

CANNES, France—London agencies got off to a great start at the Cannes Lions festival here on Saturday, with Ogilvy London and FCB Inferno London taking home the Grand Prix awards in Pharma and Health & Wellness, respectively, at the Lions Health festival-within-a-festival.

David’s Creative Chief Takes Pride in His Winning Work for Burger King

All hail the king! Anselmo Ramos has become a master of leveraging social topics to help build brands on the global stage. As creative chief at Ogilvy's David agency, he oversaw the "Proud Whopper" campaign for Burger King.

Here’s How You Show a Breast Self-Exam on Social Networks That Ban Female Nipples (SFW)

One in eight women will suffer from breast cancer at some point in their lives, and such a serious health challenge deserves its own well-meaning PSAs. But the slightest hint of bare breast—and particularly a bit of nipple—will get your ads banned from Facebook faster than you can click Zuckerberg's new angry button. So, how does a breast cancer prevention advocacy group help women more effectively check their breasts in the comfort of their own bathroom mirrors? 

Burger King’s King Finally Speaks, by Signing, for American Sign Language Day

From the days when he would pop up, unannounced, in your bed in the morning, Burger King's King character has never actually spoken a single word, preferring to let his creepily silent visage speak for him. But now, to celebrate National American Sign Language Day this Friday, the King is speaking up—by signing.And he's asking BK fans to come up with an official sign for the Whopper sandwich.

Heinz Releases the (Adorable) Hounds in This Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial

Heinz's Big Game spot is going to the dogs—literally. The company today released its 2016 Super Bowl spot from creative shop David in Miami. The 30-second ad, part of a larger campaign called "Meet the Ketchups," is meant to introduce Heinz's family of condiments to consumers and will air during the third quarter.

Coke Filmed 6 Great Surprise Moments in Real People’s Lives for Its Emotional Holiday Ad

If a guy proposes to you using a personalized Coke bottle, you might want to take a little time before giving him your answer. Yet the woman in Coca-Cola's new holiday ad doesn't seem to mind. (After getting a bottle with "Husband" written on it, does she mutter "Finally!"? Maybe that explains her lack of resistance.)Coke filmed six such surprise moments for the new spot, by ad agency David—they are "completely unscripted," the brands says, and seem like genuine surprises, though Coke has obviously staged these moments to a degree. They include a surprise announcement, an unexpected homecoming and a meeting between a man and his birth father—emotional stuff, for sure, even if it feels a bit like Coke is somewhat cynically ticking off particular boxes.

10 Stories of Creative Partners Who’ve Endured and Thrived Without Killing Each Other

Creative partnerships are very much like romantic relationships. You find someone who sees the world the same way you do; you feel that spark of connectedness; you start building something […]