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Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Is Looking for the Ultimate DJ, and Advertisers

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer says she's a fan of electronic dance music. She once spent a summer in Zurich where dance DJs rule and the world-famous Street Parade techno festival takes place. So, when Simon Cowell came to her at last year's Cannes Lions festival with an idea for the Ultimate DJ competition, Mayer was game.

How 4 Brands Embraced Tumblr’s New Mobile Design

Brands are popping out new looks on Tumblr’s mobile app. Today, Tumblr revealed its new Appearance feature, which lets users and brands customize their pages. American Express, Lipton, Axe and L’Oreal are among the brands using the new design.

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Tackles the Tumblr Advertising Question

A hoarse-voiced Marissa Mayer of Yahoo—appearing today at the 4A's Transformation Conference in Beverly Hills, Calif.—became most animated when asked about her company's $1.1 billion acquisition of Tumblr.

WhatsApp and 7 Other Startups That Hated Advertising, Like Facebook

The advertising world is used to tech startups that resist its charms, and WhatsApp’s founders are just the latest in a long line of techies who seem to have nothing but disdain for the world of marketing.

A Tumblr Ad Exchange Is Inevitable, Say Industry Players

Since acquiring Tumblr for $1.1 billion, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has hinted at launching an ad exchange for her new social media property.

Mayer Talks Tumblr Plans, Unveils New Flickr

Yahoo plans to lean on its search technology to help users discover more great content on Tumblr, the company’s new $1.1 billion acquisition. And Tumblr will help Yahoo reach a younger, more visual driven crowd.

Yahoo Officially Acquires Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

Yahoo’s is spending over a billion to nab Tumblr.

Tumblr Editor Posts ‘Awesome’ Goodbye After Storyboard Shutters

Tumblr CEO David Karp announced late last night that his Storyboard division—a collection of writers and editors hired in the last year to highlight its content—has already reached the end of its rope.

Tumblr Draws a Distinction Between Its Ads and Those of Google and Facebook

If you like direct response ads and blue links and tired display ads, don’t talk to Tumblr.But if you’re a creative who’s dying to get clients off their click addiction and do some truly great brand advertising, give Tumblr a call.

Fast Chat: David Karp

Adweek: How many people do you follow on Tumblr?David Karp: I follow about 300 people.What do you look for in a blog?Creative people and the projects they’re working on, other developers, and the new tools they’re finding. There isn’t a whole lot of celebrity navel gazing on my dashboard. I don’t just follow everybody I meet in real life.What works for brands on Tumblr?If you’re a super-fan, the idea of having access to the behind-the-scenes raw feed is amazing. It’s crack to people who are obsessed with a brand. College Humor is an interesting early example of that. What also works is when a brand or publisher likes or reblogs one of your posts. That’s spectacularly vindicating. I may not give a shit about Vogue’s behind-the-scenes stuff, but when they reblog my photo? Holy shit.