Halifax’s Horrifying Date-Night Ad Will Make You Not Want to Date for a While

The downtown business commission in Halifax, Nova Scotia, created this video to get you to buy one of its date-night packages. But it might force you to give up dating altogether. The concept is actually based on this viral video from 2009, featuring a montage of 1980s VideoMate dating profiles that was truly full of nerfherders. Halifax's collection of clueless Romeos and one singular Juliet is likewise sure to bring the Internet to the schadenfreude party as quickly as the original did.

Tinder Puts Limits on Daters If They Don’t Pay for New Premium Service

How many likes does it take to get to your new Tinder limit? About 100, and after that you're out of swipes for 12 hours. That's just one of the questions Tinder users are curious about now that there are two versions of the service, a premium and free model.

Mic Launches Section Devoted to Dating, One of Today’s Hottest Topics for Millennials

Mic is taking a closer look at millennial relationships with its latest section, ConnectionsMic, which launched today and covers everything from science-based dating decisions to personal experiences dealing with a significant other. 

Hackers Are Tweaking Tinder To Up Their Date Chances

Savvy techies are finding a way to cheat Tinder to up their chances at finding true love. 

Rescue Campaign Puts 10 Abandoned Dogs on Tinder, Gets 2,700 Matches in a Week

Turns out, you can find puppy love on a dating app. Literal puppy love is on offer through Tinder thanks to a New York animal shelter and marketing interns at agency BBH. The agency's interns, participating in the Barn program, used the app to post pictures of dogs that need homes.

Another Social Media Marketer Goes Wild on Tinder

Tinder "hacker" marketers are popping up everywhere. Now, a Toronto woman said she matched 2,000 men in 24 hours on the hot dating app, all by following a social media playbook pioneered by a single man in Phoenix.

Infographic: Where to Go on a First Date

San Francisco-based designer Alex Cornell slapped together an instructional chart about where to go on a first date, and I have to say he's pretty much on point. In some cases, he's even being too nice. Anyone who takes a first date to a sports bar deserves the crappy evening ahead of them, in my opinion.

AshleyMadison Crashes the Super Bowl Again With Sleazy Print Ad, the dating site for married people, always tries to leech a little attention at Super Bowl time. This year it did so by sliding a sleazy print ad into the Super Bowl insert of the San Francisco Examiner. "Do you prefer head or tail?" asks the ad, as a woman in a skimpy referee's outfit tosses a coin.

Dating Site Urges You to Listen to Your Vile, Lecherous Heart

Dating site Zoosk, aka "The romantic social network," has already gotten some good press for its wacky ads. This latest one—in which a single woman's heart, personified as a fanciful puppet, makes out with her laptop—is a charming and effective credit to their marketing reputation. I do question whether one should follow one's heart when it's acting like such a goober, though. After the jump, check out the much-loved Zoosk commercial featuring the world's least desirable athlete.

It’s Time Again for Those Ludicrous ‘Banned’ Super Bowl Ads

One time-honored Super Bowl tradition involves sketchy advertisers loudly protesting that their proposed Super Bowl commercials have been "banned" for being too risqué—never mind that they almost certainly couldn't afford the $3 million-plus price of entry anyway. Ashley Madison did it last year. Now we have our first shameless player of 2012—, a dating site for plus-size men and women. The company's PR rep insists that the spot below was rejected by NBC. "The ad stars America's Next Top Model winner and plus-sized model Whitney Thompson. She believes they rejected the commercial because it features bigger women and not the skinnier accepted norm," the rep says. Maybe it's the gratuitous butt shot that doomed them. Also, if they were planning on spending millions to air this ad, maybe they should have spent more than $50 making it. See the spot after the jump.