AshleyMadison Crashes the Super Bowl Again With Sleazy Print Ad

Founder offers Dan Marino a job

Headshot of Tim Nudd, the dating site for married people, always tries to leech a little attention at Super Bowl time. This year it did so by sliding a sleazy print ad into the Super Bowl insert of the San Francisco Examiner. "Do you prefer head or tail?" asks the ad, as a woman in a skimpy referee's outfit tosses a coin. (She must be one of the replacement refs.) As usual, AshleyMadison is also pretending it had the cash to run a Super Bowl ad, and says its entry was rejected. "The NFL appears increasingly hypocritical when it refuses my ads from airing during the Super Bowl while internally the organization continues to be rife with major scandals," says founder Noel Biderman. "The Dan Marino love child is just the latest in a long line of adulterous behavior supported by the organization." He adds: "Should CBS fire Marino for his indiscretions, I'd be happy to have him on the team at AshleyMadison."

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.