HBO Bought a Full-Page Ad in a New Hampshire Paper for Veep’s Jonah Ryan

The sheer lunacy of our current election cycle is frightening, but it's also very watchable. The same could be said for HBO's Veep, a show that many Washington, D.C., insiders have reportedly called the most realistic portrayal of politics.It shouldn't be surprising, then, that the marketing gurus at HBO decided that New Hampshire voters would appreciate an ad for the show's most-hated character and his current campaign for a congressional seat. (Obviously if you're not caught up on the current season, this post will have light spoilers.) 

The Hill Names Bob Cusack as Editor in Chief

The Hill, "publication of record for policy influencers inside and outside Washington," announced today the appointment of Bob Cusack as editor in chief. Cusack will replace 11-year veteran Hugo Gurdon, who is leaving the publication for a new position at the Washington Examiner. 

Internet Activist Campaign Over Net Neutrality Escalates

Internet activists and consumer groups are hoping to mount another Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)-like campaign to convince the Federal Communications Commission to adopt ironclad net neutrality rules and abandon its current proposal.

A Look at Some of the Key Media Bills Being Introduced

Congress is winding down for the year, making it highly unlikely that any new laws will get passed; even nominations are having a tough time. There is still a question of whether the Senate, out the first week in December, will be able to vote on the nomination of Terrell McSweeny for an open slot on the Federal Trade Commission. But that doesn’t mean pols will sit on their hands.

The Hill Launches Redesigned Website With Native Ad Component

Congressional publication The Hill has launched a redesigned website with a number of new features intended to "enrich the editorial and advertising experience," including a native advertising component called BrandNews.

Angry and Inebriated? Why Not Drunk-Dial Congress?

Government shutdown driving you to drink? Maybe now's a good time to drunk-dial Congress. Revolution Messaging, a mobile advertising firm that reps political clients, probably had some free time during the shutdown, so the team invented a platform that allows you to randomly dial a member of Congress and start screaming.

The Big Advertising, Media and Tech Issues Facing Congress

When Congress returns this week, it will be crunch time for lawmakers who will have only three weeks to fund the government before it shuts down Oct. 1. As if […]

The Hill Most Followed Twitter Account by Congress

With an assist from the tweet crunchers at Twiangulate, New York magazine reported this week that The Hill newspaper is the most-followed Twitter account by members of Congress. 

Advertisers Gird for Gridlock

The advertising business has, for the past four years, managed to dodge a barrage of bullets in Washington. But it might not be so fortunate in the years to come.

Video: Alexis Ohanian Dials Up Congress at University of Nebraska

At the Raikes School of Computer Science & Management at the University of Nebraska, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian addressed a crowd of aspiring developers and entrepreneurs to talk about his path from student to successful founder. While the speech touched on the tour's usual Internet freedom talking points, at the end of the talk Ohanian did something unusual.