Here’s What Really Matters When It Comes to Political Digital Video Campaigns

To Scott Goodstein, the world of political advertising for a high-stakes campaign like the current presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump comes down to just three things: "Time, people and money," he said, referring t

Pandora’s Ad Campaign Wants People to Flip Out Over Their Favorite Music

Listening to a long-lost favorite song stirs up crazy emotions, at least in Pandora's new campaign.

ABC Is Top Banana in 4A’s Homes

Although it’s destined to finish last again this season among broadcast’s Big Four, ABC boasts a much higher profile in the homes of ad agency types.

Make It a Double: Software Retargets TV Viewers Online

Collective today is announcing a marketing software product called TVA Channels, which helps brands retarget television viewers online via comScore's 250 top-rated websites.

Ad Wreck

Blame Mary Meeker. Definitely blame Google. And most of all, perhaps, blame MySpace.