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Facetime: Holiday Cheer Spreads Through the Media

Holiday parties, magazine fetes and the wind-down of Art Basel brought together luminaries from all corners of the media landscape: artists, editors, business execs and A-list celebrities.

Facetime: Magazine Celebrations and the Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards kicked off in Las Vegas with A-list celebs while magazines in New York hosted charities. Here's a look at advertising and entertainment's latest notable events.

Fall’s 5 Biggest Time Slot Battles

The broadcast upfronts week was full of buzzwords like "big data" and "viewability," but as usual, each presentation came down to content and which new shows viewers are going to […]

How Lego Designed Its Own Oscar and Stole the Show

The best thing about the Oscars ceremony last night might very well have been pop band Tegan and Sara's performance of Everything Is Awesome, the least ironic song ever written, from prominent Academy snubee The Lego Movie. (The makers have to console themselves with a $468.1 million box office gross.)

The Oscars Selfie Has Now Been Immortalized as a Painting in Twitter HQ

If it's starting to feel like you'll never be able to escape that Oscars selfie, just imagine working at Twitter headquarters, where it's now an official piece of office art.

How Samsung and David Ortiz Roped the President Into a Promotional Selfie

Has Samsung gone selfie crazy? The smartphone maker behind the Oscar selfie tweeted 'round the world has now brought President Barack Obama unwittingly into its marketing act.

6 Ways Twitter Stole the Oscars

Twitter stole the Oscars last night, reaching new milestones and just dominating the conversation. It’s not a stretch to say Twitter outshined the actual show. Ellen Degeneres’ selfie with the stars was the most retweeted post of all time. Here’s what else happened on Twitter and at the Academy Awards:

Misfits Rule in Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer, but It’s the Music That Really Grabs You

Where to start?Benicio del Toro's spiked Billy Idol locks? Chris Pratt in a Michael Jackson leather jacket with an elderly Walkman? A raccoon wielding the very latest in tactical firearms atop a talking tree?

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Bradley Cooper Is Hot, but Not Quite Cool Enough, in Team One’s Hard-to-Believe Häagen-Dazs Ad

That hunky Bradley Cooper can do anything he wants, you understand, including strolling into an elegant cocktail party eating ice cream straight out of the container. Lapses in etiquette be damned—just look at those baby blues! And he even brought his own spoon. It helps that he's visiting The House of Häagen-Dazs, which isn't a real place but more of a sugar-fueled fever dream, in this new spot from Team One in El Segundo, Calif. There's a raven-haired supermodel (Jana Perez) who latches onto the smokin' hot Oscar nominee and onetime Sexiest Man Alive for canoodling purposes. Oh but wait, she just wants his dessert. Sure, she does. The General Mills brand, which shot this all-slow-mo, no-dialogue commercial in an 18th-century Baroque chateau in Prague, has never used a celebrity before. (European brand Magnum used a car-hopping Rachel Bilson in a campaign directed by Karl Lagerfeld for its decadent ice-cream bars a few years ago. Could this be a trend?). The Häagen-Dazs ad, meant to luxe up the brand, comes from director Allen Hughes of the famous filmmaking Hughes brothers. It fairly sizzles, and it's hot outside. Eat up!