The Oscars Selfie Has Now Been Immortalized as a Painting in Twitter HQ

And they want Ellen to come admire it

If it's starting to feel like you'll never be able to escape that Oscars selfie, just imagine working at Twitter headquarters, where it's now an official piece of office art.

Twitter employee Lauren Mitcheom tweeted the photo above last night with a personalized note to Ellen DeGeneres: "Hey, @TheEllenShow! We painted a picture of you at Twitter HQ. Come take a #selfie with us!"

Appearing in the photo are fellow Twitter employees Liz Fiandaca and Genevieve Wong. We've reached out to Twitter to learn more about who created the painting (which I'm sure is going to fly right to the top of their list of media calls to return today). But for now, we're just going to assume, as we do with all things, that Samsung was behind it.

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