This Christmas Ad From Australia Takes Perhaps the Dimmest View Ever of Horrible Americans

Last year over the holidays, Australian grocer Aldi released a brutally honest ad about the stress people endure to make around-the-table magic happen. This year, it's focusing on a very different annoyance—Americans. The "Meet the Tinkletons" campaign opens with a 75-second ad in which a caroling American family with ugly sweaters invades a calm, sunny Australian household to show them how Christmas should really be celebrated (which feels an awful lot like a veiled critique of the U.S.'s foreign relations approach in general). 

Chilling Australian PSA Shows How Boys Learn Domestic Abuse … and Girls Learn to Forgive

Knocking a girl over isn't just flirting, a new PSA from Australia reminds us—it's an early sign of contempt for women that could lead to more serious acts later in life.The chilling ad, created by the government and agency BMF to prevent violence against women in future generations, features an escalating montage of disconcerting scenarios.

Ad of the Day: Christmas Is (Mostly) Hell in the Season’s Most Brutally Honest Commercial

Here's a refreshingly honest Christmas ad from from Australia, in which supermarket chain Aldi acknowledges that we aren't all swimming in hugs and beautifully wrapped presents.

Disembodied Mouth Gets Good Beer After Having to Do ‘Bad Things’ in Weird Australian Ad

And the award for best disembodied mouth in a commercial goes to … Australian beer Tooheys Extra Dry for this memorably unnerving 45-second spot from BMF Sydney and director Hamish Rothwell.

Ad of the Day: Tap King

This man has delicious-looking beer in his fridge. Also, Lionel Richie.

Australian Ad Suggests Eating Bread That Walks Around Outdoors on Its Own

If you eat Abbott's Village Bakery bread, don't be surprised if it bleats a little, or feels a little woolly, on the way down. That's because Abbott's Village Bakery loaves are essentially free-range animals who roam the Australian countryside—judging by this amusing spot from ad agency BMF. "It may seem a little strange to some, but for us free range is the only way to raise bread," the company says on its Facebook page. "We like to shower our loaves with love, let them roam free and grow up in their own unique little way. It's what makes every loaf special." No idea what that really means, but hey, it makes for a kooky commercial. Credits below.

Deer Get Loaded, Party All Night in Australian Beer Ad

Tooheys Extra Dry's "Nocturnal Migration" spot (from ad agency BMF in Sydney, Australia) is confusing, because these deer aren't really migrating. What they're doing is more like tourism, since they're not leaving their country of origin or responding to environmental changes.

Tooheys comes from tongue-filled ice moon

Here’s a peculiar Tooheys Extra Dry beer commercial from Australia in which stashes of the brew, found on ice at parties, are actually portals to another world—an icy, moon-like planet […]

Tooheys cider thankful for Eve’s original sin

This spot by BMF Sydney for Tooheys Extra Dry 5 Seeds is probably the wildest hard-cider ad you'll see this year. The category tends to prefer William Wallace epics over […]