Australian Ad Suggests Eating Bread That Walks Around Outdoors on Its Own

Up for slaughtering a free-range loaf?

If you eat Abbott's Village Bakery bread, don't be surprised if it bleats a little, or feels a little woolly, on the way down. That's because Abbott's Village Bakery loaves are essentially free-range animals who roam the Australian countryside—judging by this amusing spot from ad agency BMF. "It may seem a little strange to some, but for us free range is the only way to raise bread," the company says on its Facebook page. "We like to shower our loaves with love, let them roam free and grow up in their own unique little way. It's what makes every loaf special." No idea what that really means, but hey, it makes for a kooky commercial. Credits below.


Client: Abbott's Village Bakery

Agency: BMF, Australia

Director: Christopher Riggert

Creative Director: Justin Ruben

Art Director: Alex Booker

Copywriter: Philip Sicklinger

Producer: Michael Hilliard

Digital Creative: Tim Hill

Executive Producer: Rob Galluzzo

Visual Effects: Colin Renshaw

Graphic Designer: Phil Banks

Visual Effects: marnie Ellis

Director of Photography: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler

Graphic Designer: Indah Shillingford

Planner: Thomasine Burnap

Account Director: Jason Carnew

Agency Producer: Whitney Hawthorn

Editing Company: The Butchery

Editor: Jack Hutchings

Photographer: Ross Brown

Retoucher: Andy Salisbury

Production Manager: Karen Liddle

Music: Michael Yezersky, Nylon

Account Manager: Nora Zenasni