Disembodied Mouth Gets Good Beer After Having to Do ‘Bad Things’ in Weird Australian Ad

Tooheys strikes again

And the award for best disembodied mouth in a commercial goes to … Australian beer Tooheys Extra Dry for this memorably unnerving 45-second spot from BMF Sydney and director Hamish Rothwell.

Popping loose from a dude's jaws and plopping down on a countertop during a party, the garrulous gob promptly mouths off at its understandably speechless owner. "You made me do things, bad things, I can't forget," says the mouth, referring to things like sucking on women's toes, eating mystery meat and kissing dogs' mouths. "I need something back." That something, of course, is the taste of Tooheys Extra Dry.

"The new ad is sure to grab attention and drive talkability," says marketing director Matt Tapper. "It's provocative, but that is what's great about Tooheys Extra Dry as a brand. We can be a little more adventurous with our creative."

The White Agency assisted with digital elements, and the campaign stretches across TV, online and outdoor, with the animated mouth as its focus. That pugnacious piehole was created by Alt.VFX, which sent a horde of deer to a rave in a memorable Tooheys spot a while back. The mouth is like something out of a David Cronenberg film—amusing and disturbing at the same time. This is very dark humor, and whether praised or panned, I expect it will set tongues wagging.

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