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Gym Billboard Angers People With Claim That Aliens Will ‘Take the Fat Ones First’

A billboard for a gym in England has upset passersby with its scientifically unprovable claim that when aliens invade our planet, "they'll take the fat ones first."  Even in this comic context, fat-shaming people into joining a gym is a crappy tactic to use—one that is disappointing but not surprising. And of course, the gym, Fit4Less, has refused to take the billboard down.  What's curious, though, is that this isn't the first gym to post a fat-shaming alien billboard!

Snapchat Is Running Sneakily Fun Billboard Ads That Only Its Users Will Understand

Snapchat has been running 50 static billboard ads that cleverly wink and nod at its users in several cities.

After 4 Decades as a Billboard-Only Advertiser, Cracker Barrel Makes a Big TV Push

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store was a billboard-only brand for more than 40 years. Now, it's betting big on a wider variety of advertising from TV to digital.  

Today’s Secret to Viral Marketing? One Clever Real-World Idea

Want to create the next viral marketing smash online? Start by thinking outdoors and small. 

For Pride Month, Gay-Youth Group Takes to Times Square

New York's Hetrick-Martin Institute, an advocacy group for at-risk gay youth, is marking Gay Pride Month in about as prominent a way possible: with a video billboard in Times Square showcasing the LGBTQ teens it serves.

Oops! Clear Channel Billboard Features UNLV Coach Who Left Two Years Ago

What in the name of Jerry Tarkanian was the University of Nevada-Las Vegas's marketing team thinking?