You Can Now Listen to Live Audio Content on Facebook

Facebook Live isn't just for video. Today the social network launched a new feature dubbed Live Audio that lets users listen to broadcast voice recordings, pushing more audio-only content into newsfeeds.

Why the Conversational Power of Podcasting Is the Future of Advertising

It's been fascinating for me to observe how marketers and content creators in the past few years have become obsessed with being a part of "conversations"—conversations between platforms and brands, between brands and consumers. I wonder,

Forbes Expands Its Audio Reach by Bringing 4 Shows to PodcastOne

After testing its Women@Forbes podcast series on its own properties for the past few months, Forbes has decided to ramp up its efforts in the space. The business publication is announcing today a deal to join PodcastOne, which was launched three years ago by radio industry veteran and Westwood One founder

Check Out Sonos’ First Storefront, a Glowing Shrine to Music and Home Acoustics

For its first brick-and-mortar store, located in New York City's SoHo neighborhood, Sonos is showing customers how its products could both sound—and feel—in their homes.The acoustics of a physical space have a huge effect on music being played in it, a fact that, while unsurprising, is often overlooked. With this in mind, the speaker marketer filled its brand new space with special pods meant to mimic residential listening environments, including studies, living rooms and kitchens.

Marketers Are Slowly Experimenting With Audio in Their Snapchat and Facebook Videos

For the past year or so, Facebook has conditioned advertisers and publishers to create video that can be understood without sound, as more clips that play automatically (and silently) when users scroll fill news feeds.

This Clever Pedestrian-Safety App Turns Down Your Earbud Volume When You’re Near a Road

Wearing earbuds on a busy city street can be a nice way to tune out the annoying sounds of urban life, but it can also be an easy way to get hit by a car or bus.

Snapchat’s New Voice and Video Chatting Features Should Get Wireless Providers’ Attention

In under two years, people have gone from asking what Snapchat is to asking what it can't do.

How Technology Is Quickly Changing the Channel on Audio Consumption and Marketing

A Bluetooth Speaker Becomes a Bee-Whispering Device in This Ad for a British Audio Brand

Here's an unusual way to sell a consumer audio product: Stick a microphone inside an active beehive.In this three-minute (headphones recommended) ad for Bowers & Wilkins, sound recordist Sam Nightingale captures audio of bees at work, and then plays it back to them through the brand's T7 Bluetooth speaker, which features a honeycomb trim, to see how they respond.

VideoBlocks Enters the Stock Audio Business

Stock media company VideoBlocks will begin to offer music and audio files for its users on July 17 in response to increasing demand for licensable audio clips.