April Fools' Day

Thor Bj√∂rnsson’s Great April Fools’ Ad Wasn’t at All What We Were Expecting

I admit I was fooled. Sort of.When I saw Thor Björnsson (aka, the Mountain That Rides, aka the Strongest Man on Earth) selling his new sparkling water called HeavyBubbles in the spot below—released on April Fools' Day—I thought it was a prank by HBO.

Deadspin and Jezebel Staff Members Are Writing Each Other’s Stories for April Fools’ Day

It's the first day of April, which means a few things: Baseball season—and by proxy warmer weather—is on the horizon, and brands and other companies will do their best

April Fools’ Day 2016: Our Foolishly Giant List of the Best Brand Hoaxes

It's that time again: April Fools' Day, when brands get rewarded for being deceptive, impractical and stupid. And hopefully, funny.We're collecting our usual huge list of brand hoaxes. Email me or Tim with any we missed.

No, Virgin America Doesn’t Actually Have a New Logo That’s a Pair of Boobs

Is Virgin America making fun of Airbnb a year and a half after the latter's infamous logo redesign? It's quite possible. The airline's own apparently new design looks like, well, a pair of breasts. Airbnb's famously resembled a vagina.Per the company's release, the logo comes from creative shop N_Fuzion (which isn't real). "The two prominently displayed half circles," it says, "represent our tech-forward innovation on the one hand—and our supportive approach to guest care on the other."  Yeah, OK, whatever, they're boobs. 

Hustler Asks People to ‘Stop Abusing Vegetables’ in Safe-For-Work Campaign

If you've been driving around Los Angeles lately, you may have noticed a billboard showing a cartoon cucumber imploring you to #stopvegetableabuse by buying real sex toys at Hustler Hollywood.

Bob Barker Returned to The Price Is Right in the Year’s Most Charming April Fools’ Surprise

Most of us were tired of April Fools' hijinks before the day even arrived, but in addition to yesterday's seemingly endless spree of high-profile pranks, there were a few real winners.Chief among them, on TV at least, was Bob Barker's return to The Price Is Right, which he retired from hosting in 2007 after more than 40 years. 

Butterfinger Bets a Million on Manny Pacquiao to Beat Floyd Mayweather

There's going to be some heavyweight marketing around the May 2 welterweight title fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. And Butterfinger is jumping early into Pacquiao's corner.

Chevrolet, Jash Create the #BestDayEver of Positive Prankvertising

April Fools' Day is known as a day to pull pranks on your nearest and dearest. However, Chevrolet and online comedy network Jash believe that not every trick has to be mean-spirited.

29 People Who Can’t Stand Your Stupid Branded April Fools’ Joke

Here we are again, fools.It's the first day of April, and everyone is reluctant to click links for fear of getting Rickrolled, sent to an old website from the '90s or even—gasp!—finding a fake product from a brand.The latter is particularly loathsome, according to people on Twitter who hate to see brands have any fun whatsoever. It's so tiresome and clichéd, these folks claim (a complaint that itself might be a bit tiresome and clichéd).Take a look below at this motley crew of pitchfork-carrying villagers who won't rest until the brands stop trying to engage with them.

Miss Cleo Is Standing By to Take Your Call to Benefit Cosmetics

Between 1997 and 2003, you probably fell asleep to psychic Miss Cleo telling you, in her upbeat Jamaican accent, that she could predict your future during her infamous Psychic Readers Network infomercials. Now, this April Fools' Day, the pitchwoman is back. But instead of reading tarot cards, she's trading makeup tips.Miss Cleo is now apparently shilling for the Benefit Cosmetics Flawless Friends Network, a hotline that compliments your look. And this time, your calls to her number, 1-844-SO-FLAWLESS, won't cost you $9.95 a minute. While she gets it makes fun of her most famous role, she's totally on board with the prank.