April Fools’ Day 2016: Our Foolishly Giant List of the Best Brand Hoaxes

See all of this year's coolest and silliest pranks

It's that time again: April Fools' Day, when brands get rewarded for being deceptive, impractical and stupid. And hopefully, funny.

We're collecting our usual huge list of brand hoaxes. Email me or Tim with any we missed.


—Latest additions:


• Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is all about bike personalization and customization. Its latest innovation: #Selfmets.


Idaho Potato Commisson

Idaho potatoes are heading to Mars!



Netflix presents an original documentary Stamos: A Human, Being.


—Second batch, posted 2:30 p.m. ET:



Launched its very first edible fragrance based on its classic frozen yogurt: Forty Carrots, the fragrance. The ad ran in The New York Times.


Burger King France

The new menu item—single fries. Tasty, though an environmental disaster.


Hamburger Helper

Dropped a surprisingly good rap album about food. "Hamburger helper/ Eat it all and then we dip/ On the stove so long I burn my lip."



Launched a dating site, HuluDATR, "a revolutionary new way to help soulmates find one another." The free app allows Hulu subscribers to opt in to a new experience "where love and television go hand-in-hand."


National Geographic

No more nude animals pics for this brand.



Made its game Dark Souls III into an '80s movie on VHS.



Shop a wide variety of dog bras, including the 24/7™ Lace Throw-The-Ball-conette Bra, the Plunge Pawfect Bra and the Front-Closure Pawsh-Up Bra.


Turkey Hill

"Do you shake your iced tea? Many people do. That's why the Turkey Hill Research & Development team has spent countless hours developing a brand new device called the Tea Shaker. No more sore wrists and no more runaway bottles of tea!"



—First batch, posted 10:50 a.m. ET:



Every year, Google does enough pranks that it earns its own special section.

Google Cardboard

Created Google Cardboard Plastic, the first headset for Actual Reality.



Unveiled #Snoopavision, allowing you to watch any YouTube video in 360 with Snoop Dogg.



Introduced "Send + Mic Drop." As Google explained it, it you click the new "Send + Mic Drop" button, "everyone will get your message, but that's the last you'll ever hear about it. Yes, even if folks try to respond, you won't see it." Unfortunately, Gmail has nixed the button early, apparently because too many unsuspecting users accidentally sent unintended images of a Minion dropping a mic to people they didn't want to mute.


Gmail Inbox

Created a fake Smart Reply feature, which chooses the right emoji for your reply automatically. Apparently, the right emoji is a poop emoji.


Android Developer

Has taken Guardian into the Galaxy. Get it? It's a pun on Guardians of the Galaxy?


Google Express

Is now delivering your stuff with actual parachutes. Because drones are SO last year.


Google Japan

Announced Furikku, a flickable keyboard.


Google Amp

Created a very large mobile page accelerator—roughly 24,901 miles in circumference.


Google Photos

Is offering a Google Emoji search option. Yep, search photos by typing in an emoji.


Google Maps

Has reskinned its pegman as a disco dancer. Click "Visit Funky Town in the Google Maps App" at the top of Google Maps and select your phone. You can then open your Google Maps app, choose "Explore Nearby" and then press "Funky Town" to see the Disco Pegman's cool dance.


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