No, Virgin America Doesn’t Actually Have a New Logo That’s a Pair of Boobs

Carrier mocks Silicon Valley doublespeak in April Fools' gag

Is Virgin America making fun of Airbnb a year and a half after the latter's infamous logo redesign? It's quite possible. The airline's own apparently new design looks like, well, a pair of breasts. Airbnb's famously resembled a vagina.

Per the company's release, the logo comes from creative shop N_Fuzion (which isn't real). "The two prominently displayed half circles," it says, "represent our tech-forward innovation on the one hand—and our supportive approach to guest care on the other."  

Yeah, OK, whatever, they're boobs. 

The carrier also released an over-the-top video mocking the self-serious tone that many companies in Silicon Valley—Virgin America is also based there—use when making major branding announcements. Given the tone, the video is almost like an outtake from the HBO show of the same name. 

The new logo is indeed an April Fools' prank, something the brand has done annually. Still, Virgin America is offering a promotional code that gives consumers who check out the logo 20 percent off. 

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