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Flippant Pranksters Vs. Pompous Braggarts

Exclusive Super Bowl stats examine what different fans stand for
  • January 31 2012

We all know the Super Bowl is more than touchdowns and chicken wings. It’s a gladiatorial combat between cities, egos and maximum-strength team personalities. Draftfcb teamed with Likester to determine what Giants and Patriots fans stand for right now, in real time.

Likester tracks what Facebook "likes" are associated with different Facebook pages. Given the popularity of “liking,” it allows us to analyze data on more than 10,000 associations between fans of the two teams, and shows other Facebook items they like. From this we can build a highly representative profile of each category of fan. Take a look:




The fan profiles that emerge promise drama. We expect to see a battle of super proportions between the Flippant Pranksters and the Pompous Braggarts.

Why are Giants fans pranksters? They’re big kids who root for Bernie Mac and read Dr. Seuss, and while they’re not opposed to flash—think Ari Gold and Mercedes-Benz—they find pretension grating. That’s why Giants lovers want down-to-earth cuties like Ellen Page and would feel blessed to live in sweats at a burger joint.

Meanwhile, as ambitious hero worshipers, Patriots fans are desperate for bragging rights. Their can-do attitude—soaking up advice from entrepreneurs and fix-it gurus—and appreciation for the finer things in life render them classic followers of the American dream. Maybe that’s why they seek out classic but practical beauties—Mary Poppins or Eva Mendes will surely fit the bill.  Put them in their preppy finest, hand over a slice of pizza and an imported beer, and they’re ready to root.

Pair Giants fans’ loathing of affectation with Patriots fans’ popped collars and we’re sure to have some “Douchebag!” name-calling. Meanwhile, the flames will be fueled by Pats fans’ judgment of all things low-class or Giant. They’ll call “Nincompoop!” and warn their daughters never to mix with “that kind.”

Would we really have it any other way? On February 5, even insults should be super-sized.


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