Lyft Gives Year-End Love to Its Drivers Who’ve Truly Changed People’s Lives

What a way to say thanks

There’s a lot to be said about whether the so-called “sharing economy” actually makes people’s lives better or worse. Maybe it’s both. But it’s compelling, even magical, that everyday people can just pick up a gig that puts them in contact with so many others. What meaningful things happen in those exchanges?

For the holidays, pickup service Lyft worked with production company Strike Anywhere to give two drivers a special shout-out. The films, which follow out-of-home ads earlier this month also thanking drivers, give us the chance to meet, and become invested in, a pair of faces behind the wheel before the company rewards them with a surprise gift.

“Thank you, Lamont” introduces us to a Seattle-based driver who’s given over 23,000 rides. He’s the sort of chauffeur who’s probably always in a good mood and down to chat, who’s learned to say “a pleasure to meet you” in several languages, and who, when asked what his favorite place is, replies that it’s “the world.”

It turns out hundreds of people have written to Lyft about Lamont. So, in exchange, Lyft gives him something special.

“Thank you, Paloma” has a different feel, and features a woman from Las Vegas. She loves art, and dreams of sharing that love with her children—a few of whom are autistic and highly visual—in Paris someday.

In a surprising turn, we discover she was among the drivers who drove toward the mass shooting on the Strip in October, and rescued a couple—one of whom, the husband Billy, had been shot in the back—before returning to help more people.

It’s Billy, who survived because of her efforts, who gives Paloma her gift. Maybe you can guess what it is.

The “Thank You” videos were created by Strike Anywhere with direction from Joshua Z. Weinstein. They were shot over two days in each location.


Clients: Lyft
Director of Creative Production – Topher Lorette
Associate Creative Director, Copy Writer – Brian Button
Associate Creative Director, Art Director – Morten Halvarsen
Senior Creative Producer – Alex Doty
Operations manager, Pacific Northwest – Stephanie Cook

Production Company: Strike Anywhere
Director/DP – Joshua Z Weinstein
Executive Producer – Cori Cooperider
Line Producer – Maya Owings

Editor – Matt O’Donnell
Post Producer – Maya Owings

Color – Ayumi Ashley, MFD
Mix – Joel Raabe, MFD
Conform – Matt Notaro, MFD
Producers – Nick Castillo & Carissa Quiambao, MFD

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