Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek.
Lauren Johnson is a senior technology editor for Adweek, where she specializes in covering digital marketing trends, social platforms, ad tech and emerging tech.

Twitter’s New Service Cranks Out 6-Second Videos for Advertisers

More than 100 campaigns have used Twitter's #Fuel creative services.

A Sophisticated Bot Taking Over Major Sports Sites Is Costing Advertisers Up to $250 Million a Year

Forensiq found a large percentage of fraud traffic across NFL team sites, ESPN and others.

Twitter’s New Ad Unit Pulls a Video Above a Website to Make Click-Throughs More Interactive

100 advertisers including Bank of America, Jaguar and Republic Records have tested the tool.

How a Brain-Training App Drove 1.7 Million Downloads on Snapchat in Just 2 Months

Peak Labs is aimed at adults interested in wellness.

How Brands Are Using AR to Engage Consumers and Measure Results

As Apple, Facebook and Snapchat open augmented reality to the masses, brands are cashing in on AR and analyzing new sets of data to gauge their success.

Meet the Man in Charge of Integrating Emerging Tech Like AR, VR and Voice at Digital Shop Rain

Greg Hedges helps build branded experiences.

Venmo Wants to Turn Its Brand Into a Verb, Just Like Google

Clever messaging asks consumers to fill in the blank on ads.

Burger King Dug Up a Bunch of Tweets From People Complaining About Wendy’s and Turned Them Into Ads

The latter’s chicken loss is the former’s gain.

Walmart and Target Are Banding With Google to Take on Amazon

Intriguing partnerships indicate that working together is better than facing the ecommerce giant alone.

Snapchat Is Twice as Popular as Instagram When It Comes to Teens’ Favorite Social Apps

Almost half of teens said they prefer it, with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest falling to the bottom of the list.