Google Answers Copycat on Facebook

The now deceased Google Answers has been resurrected by Tom Tenaglia under a new name on Facebook, fbAsk. Just like Google Answers did, fbAsk pays experts to answer questions. Users […]

The Scoop on AT&T iPhone Plans

The Associated Press came through with the final numbers on the iPhone plans. Up until now, all we knew were the iPhone prices – $499 and $599 – but nothing […]

Freewebs Jumps on the Facebook Bandwagon

Many have been speculating about whether or not other social networks and websites would start opening up as a result of Facebook’s actions. Yesterday I discussed LinkedIn opening up their […]

No One Uses Their Phones for Music

It’s a sobering thought during the week of the iPhone launch. JupiterResearch just released a report saying that while music-capable mobile phones are becoming ubiquitous in the U.S., very few […]

Presentations on Facebook

Slideshare, one of the leaders in presentation hosting has launched their official application. This is as powerful of an application as Scribd, the document sharing application that I previously reviewed. […]

Hollywood, Post-iPhone

As the iPhone changes everyone’s perception of a cellphone to a media-friendly device, Hollywood has to adapt. The carriers also have to adapt, since their grip on what people watch […]

Online Football (Soccer) Manager Game – Hattrick, Managerzone, Itsagoal

Online games today are very popular and also I few years later was deep into football manager game called Hattrick. Now there are almost one million registered users who are […]

The iPhone Sells Itself

Most companies mount serious PR campaigns whenever they introduce a new product; otherwise it could go unnoticed. That’s not the case with Apple. As CNET News explains, Apple usually doesn’t […]

The Various Waves of Facebook Apps

Since the launch of the new Facebook platform a month ago, thousands of new applications have popped up. The majority of these applications have been extremely simple applications that will […]

Manage a Hedge Fund on Facebook

Want to create and manage your own virtual hedge fund? The Tipping Monkey Hedge Fund Simulator gives you total control over your own mock hedge fund. This is the most […]