Updated: CC Appoints Partilla Global Media Sales Prez

In a new attempt to cross-sell its radio, outdoor and digital properties, Clear Channel named former Time Warner media group exec John Partilla in the newly created position of president of global media sales. Partilla will also serve as a corporate executive vp of Clear Channel, reporting to Mark Mays, CEO of Clear Channel.

According to an internal memo from Mays dated Friday (June 5), Partilla will be able to work more closely with chief marketing officers and brand managers, who have been shifting more dollars to radio and TV. Major brands such as Disney, Verizon and Kellog’s have already dealt directly with Clear Channel on cross-platform buys, the company said in a June 8 statement.

“It’s time to now accelerate and expand that shift,” said Mays.

Clear Channel is betting Partilla can do for CC what he did for Time Warner. During his tenure at Time Warner, Partilla pulled together the broad and diverse portfolio of Time Waner properties to drive growth, resulting in a $400 million increase in incremental revenue over the past five years.

“We’re entering a new era for advertising and marketing, and the strides that Clear Channel has made in digital platforms across both the radio and outdoor businesses are an outstanding match for the new demands being placed on marketers,” Partilla said. “Realizing that potential will require adding strategic and creative value for our best advertising partners.”

Both Clear Channel and Time Warner have been severely buffeted by the recession. Time Warner has responded in part by shedding itself of key operations, including its cable operations and more recently AOL.

Clear Channel is in the middle of a massive debt restructuring that has prompted speculation about a possible bankruptcy protection filing. The company was saddled with $21 billion in debt last year when it was taken private.

–with additional reporting by Adweek’s Steve McClellan

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