‘Twilight’ Fight! Body Brand Seeks to Defang Summit

Summit Entertainment, the producers of the the “Twilight” teen vampire romance movies, have worked themselves into a lather over the name of a Bath & Body Works shower gel: Twilight Woods.
The movie company, which is based in Santa Monica, Calif., has been vigorously defending its brand, threatening to sue the New York-based soap shop if it does not stop making the bath product.
But on Wednesday, in Manhattan Federal Court, Bath & Body Works took a preemptive step in its hopes to end the whole “twilight” saga: The company filed a lawsuit asking a judge to decide whether Summit can “monopolize” the word “twilight,” or if other companies can use it.
The bath company is also asking the judge to allow it to use a brown tree branch motif on its products that Summit also claims is a violation of its copyright for the popular movies.
Bath & Body Works says that its Twilight Woods line of bathing products—which feature “a hypnotic fragrance inspired by a romantic walk in enchanted woods”—has nothing to do with vampires or Kristen Stewart.
Summit Entertainment has tried once before to patent the term for the post-sunset time of day. The application was denied by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which determined that the line could be confused with another cosmetic product, Twilight Sarah Jessica Parker.
Neither party responded to a request for comment.