Triton, Kurt Hanson to Launch Slipstream Radio

In a bid to compete with personalized Internet radio services such as Pandora, Triton Digital, a division of Triton Media Group, has partnered with Internet Radio expert Kurt Hanson to launch Slipstream Radio. Based in Chicago, the new company will help terrestrial radio stations create customizable Internet radio stations online.

Kurt Hanson, who launched leading online radio brand, will serve as CEO, along with AccuRadio’s Paul Maloney as vp of programming and Ralph Sledge as vp of technology.

Slipstream radio will allow online listeners personalize their terrestrial radio station, including the ability to pause and skip songs, eliminate selected artists from the play list, even mix multiple genres together in a single customized stream.

“The mission of Slipstream Radio is to help broadcasters met those new consumer expectations by allowing them to offer a product that’s specifically designed for Internet delivery, a multichannel, personalized version of their local radio station brand, featuring the local station’s air personalities and branding and sponsored by the station’s own advertisers,” Hanson said.

Triton will offer Slipstream to broadcasters and other content providers for a flat monthly cash fee or for barter.

“Media companies today recognize the important of a streaming strategy that goes beyond just repurposing their terrestrial brand,” said Mike Agovino, co-founder and COO for Triton.