The Australian Open Generated 8 Million VOD Views Thanks to This New Tool

Brightcove Live launched Monday at the NAB Show

Networks can clip and share moments from their live broadcasts.
Australia Open

For the Australian Open in January, Australia’s Channel 7 had the exclusive rights to broadcast all tennis matches down under. But their coverage went far beyond the TV, as 33 livestreams from 16 tennis courts garnered 3 million live views, according to Tennis Australia. But with a new tool from Brightcove, the network added 8 million VOD clip views.

Channel 7 producers clipped, streamed and socialized more than 400 short videos of thrilling volleys, amazing aces and the victorious final points.

“When you think of a tennis match as a two to five-hour event, not everyone is going to be watching that live, so that clipping is really important,” said David Sayed, Brightcove’s vp of product management.

Brightcove Live, which launched officially here at the NAB Show, has been in use for a few months by media outlets like Channel 7 as well as brands like the NHRA for its recent Springnationals, as well as French publication Le Figaro for coverage of last weekend’s national elections.

“We’re hearing from broadcasters that live is great, but we’re even seeing more viewing activity shortly after that live event,” said Brightcove’s vp and media evangelist Matt Smith. “That window right afterward is very attractive.”

The $1,000 a month product, plus bandwidth costs, also allows for dynamic ad insertion, allowing brands to insert commercial inventory throughout, with the click of a button.

“When you talk about a live 24/7 channel, that’s very cost effective,” said Sayed.

While Brightcove Live is an add-on for many existing clients, Smith said the NHRA signed on only recently, knowing the Live capability was on the horizon.

“I had a former customer walk up to me yesterday and say, ‘I heard about the features. Had this come months earlier we would have never looked at another partner.’ And they had such an affinity for the brand they said they were going to come back and evaluate,” said Smith.