The 10 Most Disappointing Shows of 2017

New and returning shows came up short, but one horrific trend eclipsed them all

Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Young Pope and Marvel's Iron Fist were the opposite of must-see TV. Photo Illustration: Dianna McDougall; Sources: HBO, Netflix
Headshot of Jason Lynch

This week we’ve honored the best TV shows of the year, as well as the top 10 new series, but now it’s time to shift gears in a more cringeworthy direction and spotlight the year’s most disappointing shows.

To be clear, “most disappointing” is not the same as “worst.” When you can see a clunker coming from a mile away—say, Wisdom of the Crowd, the third tedious show in the past year to unconvincingly argue that egomaniacal tech gurus should be entrusted to “fix” essential public services—it’s not a surprise when that program ultimately lives down to expectations. Instead, this list is devoted to the 2017 shows that I had the highest of hopes for … that is, until I actually watched them.

Brace yourself for a walk down heartbreak lane, because here are the year’s biggest misfires:

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