TCA Day 2: Piers Morgan Holds Court at CNN Session

Turner Broadcasting kicked off day two at TCA with sessions on comedy Children’s Hospital on Cartoon Network; upcoming TNT legal drama Franklin & Bash, which premieres this June; sophomore drama Men of a Certain Age on TNT (with Ray Romano, Scott Bakula and executive producer Mike Royce); new Steven Spielberg series Falling Skies; and Dr. Drew Pinsky, whose new nightly prime-time show will premiere on HLN on March 28.  

Said Dr. Drew about his upcoming hour:

“This show is not going to be just medical. It’s not going to be purely about addiction, although certainly that’s where my training is. I want to apply my head to that material, but I would like to really approach it in a different way and get to the bottom line of what is really going on here. Now, if I can’t interview Lindsay Lohan, which I would like to do…I certainly would interview people like Lindsay. When I dealt with this story before, what I brought in was Tom Sizemore, who is a male version of Lindsay, and he talked about what he thought she needed.”

Men of a Certain Age’s Ray Romano, meanwhile, described moving from Everybody Loves Raymond to his TNT series:

“I’m never going to feel comfortable, you know. I mean, I kind of feel like I guess I can do this, but I always have a little bit of doubt. I think every actor kind of has that. They think they’re great, but they also think they’re kind of an imposter underneath it all. So I’ve got those two things going at once, and I’d like to hold onto that. So I do like reading when people are complimenting my work, but I never truly believe it.”

But the real spice of the morning came from Piers Morgan, whose nightly CNN interview show (taking over where Larry King left off) begins on Monday, March 17 at 9 p.m. ET, with first guest Oprah Winfrey.  

Unlike King, Morgan should provide fireworks aplenty—much as he did as an America’s Got Talent judge, who was not shy voicing his opinions about Madonna; and his Celebrity Apprentice nemesis, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, who he hoped would “fall into a hole with a vat if boiling lava poured all over her.” 

Enough said.

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